about axel arigato xchange

Sustainability and innovation have always been a focal point within Axel Arigato, and as a socially driven brand we continuously strive to bring our global community together. Xchange is an online space that shatters geographical barriers and creates an opportunity to extend the life of your Axel Arigato products through reselling. When buying preloved items, we collectively work towards cutting down on consumption with the long-term mission to create a more circular future for the fashion industry.


Xchange is an online marketplace uniting people through a collective interest in buying better. The platform offers the Axel Arigato community to buy and sell preowned Axel Arigato items, everything from previous drops to brand classics.

All products are carefully checked for quality and authenticity before they go live and become available for you to buy. For more information, please visit our FAQs.


If you are based in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark or Sweden* you can upload your Axel Arigato items for resell. For every item sold we charge a 15% commission to cover the operational costs. On the Xchange platform you are in complete control of the selling process, you set the price, provide the information and manage the postage. However, please follow our upload guidelines to ensure your piece goes live.

For more information, please visit ourFAQs.
*We are working on adding new selling countries.